Big Data PR: The Numbers Don’t Lie


Traditional public relations professionals have always used data to measure reach through media impressions, ad equivalency, message effectiveness, and perception change. Today, in addition to its traditional uses, data also needs to be the starting point of creative storytelling.

Burson-Marsteller is leading our industry in using Big Data Analytics to help our clients better understand target audiences, influencers, and media behavior. As a result, we are able to develop strategies grounded in evidence-based insights rather than speculation, and creative expressions that help build brands, protect corporate reputation, position executives, defend an issue, or launch products and services.

We have the distinct advantage of leveraging our global strength to access dozens of cutting-edge tools and resources that allow us to segment and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data generated on the Internet. This intelligence helps us answer common client questions such as:

  • How do I reach a specific target audience, not just a general one?
  • What platforms and applications does my audience use most?
  • Which media and opinion leaders carry the most clout?
  • Are there gaps between the messages we want to communicate and how the audience receives them?
  • Are we using the same vernacular as our audience?

Big data allows us to create campaigns that influence not only audiences, but behavior. Here are some examples we have executed recently for our clients:

  • Analyzed the media preferences of a major automotive manufacturer’s target audience beyond traditional automotive and invited a select group of journalists focused on technology, innovation and design to the Paris Auto Show, resulting in optimized coverage angles and wider reach.
  • Identified online media and news consumption habits of small business benefits decision makers for a financial services firm to create relevant media partnerships, allowing us to showcase thought leadership content and nurture relationships with key reporters.
  • Built creative and customized editorial and native advertising content on relevant channels aimed at Millennials for a leading brewing company at the center of conversations on responsible consumption by promoting its Hero global campaign.
  • Conducted a Big Data Brand Audit, providing a major appliance manufacturer with customer insights, audience profile and segmentation, market trends and analysis to support strategic communications and marketing plans while prioritizing key investment areas.

Burson-Marsteller boasts dozens of top notch digital strategists across the network, newest among them Ivan Ruiz, who joins us as Senior Digital Strategist, to develop fully integrated, real-time, data-driven solutions for our Miami-managed clients.

Please contact me if you want to learn how Big Data Analytics can help ground your PR or brand communication strategy and fuel creativity to maximize impact. Numbers don’t lie!

Posted by Jorge Ortega