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It was a great week for Burson-Marsteller Miami. On Wednesday, our corporate practice leader, Karen Guggenheim, had the opportunity to speak at the Public Affairs Council conference. Karen spoke about the importance of handling issues, crisis and reputation management. On Friday, the students of Tecnológico de Monterrey visited our office to learn about the importance of public relations, taught by our Technology and Innovation practice leader, Rodrigo Castro. We are very proud of our leaders taking the initiative to share knowledge unto other organizations.


Great Place to Work Latin America 2016 Conference


Burson-Marsteller Miami had the opportunity to support our friends at the Great Place to Work 2016® conference in Mexico. Their goal is to inspire organizations and leaders to produce and maintain a great workplace by providing strategies that are innovative and maintain a high-trust culture. The conference was filled with organizations and leaders ready to learn how to improve their workplaces. Many leaders also took the stage to share a few insights of their own, including Michael C. Bush, Thine Thygensen and our Burson-Marsteller Latin America CEO, Ramiro Prudencio.

Michael C. Bush, CEO of GPTW, presented a few action steps to the conference attendees that can make companies a great place to work. He  his beliefs on how people and society are better when there is a great place to work making an individual proud of what they do and their team. He mentioned a few key points for companies to achieve a successful workplace, such as leaders encouraging respect, credibility and fairness and to always provide positive feedback individually, thanking people for their effort and performance. Bush also added to his lecture the most common reasons why companies receive a low position in the Great Place to Work® ranking. These detrimental issues may include the arrival of a new CEO that caused damage, exponential growth of the company, layoffs and merging and acquisition of other companies.

Burson-Marsteller Miami also participated on the expert panel with our Latin America CEO and President, Ramiro Prudencio. Ramiro was accompanied by Germán Dyzenchauz, CEO of GOintegro Latin America, and Dr. Carlos Delgado Planás, Founder and President of Delgado de Compensa Capital Humano. The expert panel focused on different ways of communicating internally for companies in a digital age. Throughout the conversation between the panelists and the moderator, Ismael Cala, they highlighted the importance of internal communication saying, “communicating to your employees is not a chore, it is a commitment.” Dr. Delgado and Ramiro touched on how the establishment of new goals and strategies of the company should be communicated to all levels in order to succeed in the globalized world in which we all operate.

Burson-Marsteller Miami is proud to support our friends at Great Place to Work, and we thank them for an amazing time and interesting conference. Until next year!

The 3 C’s : Get to Know our Corporate Communications Capabilities

Posted by Jorge Ortega 

I joined Burson-Marsteller almost exactly one year ago. While our firm has always been well known for its expertise in the Latin American marketplace, I made a decision last year to boost our presence in my home state of Florida by leveraging Burson-Marsteller’s global reputation in corporate communications. We have now developed a world-class corporate practice with strong local leadership, linked to some of the best practitioners in our network.

  • Corporate Communications: As today’s business environment continues to evolve through globalization, heightened media and stakeholder scrutiny and ever-changing markets, this new set of challenges needs to be met with insightful counsel and resources. Our Corporate team leads a variety of communications efforts for our clients including executive positioning and training, business media relations and corporate messaging.
  • Crisis: All organizations are vulnerable to crises, yet proper crisis preparedness and management can protect an organization’s reputation, brand equity and confidence of its stakeholders. Our Corporate practice has proven to be a reliable, steady communications adviser for clients facing crises in stressful times. From preventative actions, such as conducting vulnerability audits and creating comprehensive crisis manuals, to springing into action in the case of an actual crisis, the Burson-Marsteller team will be there to support our clients in their time of need.
  • Cybersecurity: While every cyber incident cannot be prevented, Burson-Marsteller can help you become more cyber resilient through our new Cybersecurity Specialty Group. We have supported companies facing reputation challenges resulting from point-of-sale breaches, advanced persistent threats and denial of service attacks. Working alongside our Burson-Marsteller Cybersecurity Specialty Group, our Florida team is equipped to help businesses prepare and respond to cyber-related issues and crises, as well as recover from cyber incidents.

Our Corporate team is supporting clients based in Florida, as well as spearheading engagements with global organizations coming to market in the U.S. and North American companies expanding internationally. In addition to managing our existing clients, our team has strengthened our offering into the robust variety of services that it is now, including:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself in need of Burson-Marsteller Miami’s corporate communications services. We would be happy to discuss our offering in greater detail at any time.



2016 Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run

Last night, Burson-Marsteller Miami had the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run. Hundreds of organizations, including B-M Miami, came together in downtown Miami to take part in this 5k race. Employees had the choice of either running or walking the race, ending with a night filled with music, food and good company. The Burson-Marsteller Miami team was led by our Finance Director, Carlos Porras, who led the pack to victory. Over 20 employees represented the office by sporting our Burson logo along with our hashtag #PlayToWin.

The Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run is an institution in South Florida which began in 1985. Since then, the 5K race has been growing with over 20,000 employees participating in the event as of 2015. Burson-Marsteller Miami would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for hosting a fun-filled event. The team is already looking forward to next year!


Burson-Marsteller Miami Staff 

The Day Is Finally Here!

Burson-Marsteller Miami is excited to announce our new Instagram account, @bursonmarstellermiamiStay up to date with our latest projects and events B-M Miami will be a part of.  Additionally, learn about our creative team, and take a look behind the scenes of our office fun. B-M Miami is looking forward to connecting with you!

See you on Instagram! Or, as they say, “see you on the gram!”

Burson - Marsteller Instagram Profile


Breakfast with Burson: Millennials and Mimosas

Burson-Marsteller Miami recently had the opportunity to host Bacardi’s new Global Millennials Manager, Nim De Swardt, who presented to our “Breakfast with Burson” attendees, as well as to our staff. Nim shared her insights on how Millennials play a game-changing role in today’s organizations, and how their influence will only continue to grow in the coming decade.

“A program made for Millennials, by Millennials”

Bacardi – the largest privately-held spirits company in the world- has taken note of changes that are happening in today’s professional landscape, and has decided to approach the evolving business environment by bravely embracing the change. Michael Dolan, CEO of Bacardi Limited, spearheaded the next big step on how Bacardi manages its company by creating an initiative to recruit and engage the best of today’s Millennial talent. He selected Nim to take on the daring role of recruiting these talented Millennials and lead the “Bacardi Rising Stars” program. This program will consist of 20 of Bacardi’s creative, tech-savvy international employees who will leverage their unique viewpoints to foster the brand’s success both internally and externally in the marketplace.

Now, who exactly is this Millennial queen? We know you are curious (we were too).

Nim is a 30-year-old, Australian-born native with a bachelor’s degree in photography, and a minor in wanderlust. Her career with Bacardi began five years ago, where she eventually worked her way up to being a brand manager for the Middle East and Africa region, based in Dubai. In 2015, she was offered the role of Global Millennials Manager, but decided to follow her free Millennial spirit to take a year off from her career and embark on a self-discovery journey, traveling the world. Months later, the position was still vacant, with her name reserved for the game-changing role. Nim quickly transformed from an adventurous backpacker to an intrapreneur ready to take on her next big journey.

“Millennials can be our greatest challenge, and our greatest opportunity”

Since then, Nim has visited start-ups and multi-million dollar companies, such as Google and Twitter, to observe their response to the rapid-growing Millennial business culture. She is currently leading initiatives at Bacardi to increase intra-company collaboration on ideas to better market to Millennials and creating Bacardi company policies that will build on these companies’ successful Millennial business approaches. In Nim’s eyes, Millennials are looking for four things in the companies that employ them: Innovation, flexibility, collaboration and career development opportunities. They are also driven by causes; Millennials wish to have a purpose in the work they do, and want their companies to have strong corporate responsibility programs.

According to our Millennial expert, in nine years, 75 percent of the work field will consist of Millennials. With Nim by their side, there is no doubt that Bacardi will be up for the challenge.

To hear from Nim herself about her work, please take a look at this short interview she recorded with us in our StudioB Live.

StudioB, More Than Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when StudioB isn’t creating inspiring storytelling? Well, you probably already know that we are constantly striving for the wow factor, but where exactly does it come from?

It stems not only from the creative minds of the team, but also from our ability to delve deep into the fascinating world of analytics.

The true impact social media in Latin America

No, we are not finance, but we work with numbers: data (structured and unstructured), to be more specific. The Analytics Team within StudioB has been intensively working with one of our clients for the past week in understanding the true impact social media has in our economies and lives in Latin America. (i.e. What exactly is the reason why one social media platform is preferred over others? Which platform has the most potential to grow and why? What social media channels should be activated in mass media campaigns related to public health concerns in Latin American countries?)

More than storytelling

Do you have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Do you use LinkedIn or Snapchat? Maybe Instagram? You probably have answered yes to at least two of these questions. The popularity of social networking is beyond phenomenal.

Did you know? (We know you do but for the purpose of the post, let’s pretend you don’t).

Latin America has more than 327 million connected users, making it the world’s fastest-growing region for Internet penetration. Latin Americans like to watch videos, buy online and share in social media the most.

While these numbers are impressive, it is necessary to rethink not only how and who can best spread ideas, and inspire actions, but also which platform is the best to do so. Companies are learning how to observe social media conversations (big data, interest clusters) and how to validate social media metrics in the hopes of creating value for the business.

In Latin America, nine out of 10 social network users have a Facebook account. The overall amount of users in Latin America is 179 million users, 21 million more than in the U.S. But, what exactly are companies doing with these numbers? Some of them have created engaging profiles from which to generally create brand lift. However, few are truly grasping these numbers to generate experiences from which to humanize brands, inspire communities and delve into conversations that incite actions and strengthen relationships with consumers.

That is why data can help us understand how to better be ourselves on social and engage organically through relevant and compelling stories.

Do you know which social media platform has your highest growth potential? Where you should focus your future initiatives?

Ask StudioB.



The Latino vote: Groundbreaking New Hispanic Survey

With South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s recent endorsement of Marco Rubio, and the Nevada caucus around the corner, I am excited to share with you the results of a groundbreaking study “The Latino Vote“, that Burson Latino, our firm’s Hispanic practice, recently conducted across the Latino registered voter population. We noticed a distinct lack of information on how Latinos view the upcoming U.S. presidential election and the issues that the next president will have to address.  We examined how Latinos viewed the candidates and issues as we head into the Nevada caucuses, a state with a substantial Latino population.

The results of this nationwide poll were certainly intriguing – and we were surprised ourselves to find:

  • Latino registered voters nationwide are strongly in favor of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    • Rubio takes an 11-point lead over a Donald Trump and Ted Cruz tie; Hillary Clinton leads by 35 points over Bernie Sanders.
  • Independent voters could hold a huge surprise in the coming months.
    • Of those who said they were independents nearly 49 percent of them said they would support one of the two Democratic candidates. Nearly 28 percent of these independent voters said they would vote for one of the Republican candidates.
    • This leaves a sizable swing segment among Latino voters that could cause surprises. Their support could influence the candidates’ primary results in the coming months, but could also prove to affect the general election in November.
  • No single issue can define the race among Latinos.
    • Education and the economy are the dominant issues of importance. Regardless of party affiliation, education and the economy were the two most important issues to Latino voters.
    • Additionally, Latinos favor health insurance coverage for all. A broad majority of Latino Democrats (87 percent) and independents (73 percent) said that health insurance coverage for all was an important issue. A narrow majority of Latino Republicans (52 percent) agreed with this view.
    • However, social issues lack traction among Latinos. Abortion (50 percent Democrat and Republican), gay marriage (42 percent Democrat, 28 percent Republican) and legalization of marijuana (33 percent Democrat, 23 percent Republican) were all rated of relatively low importance to Latino voters in the study.
    • Immigration and border control take a backseat to economic issues. New job creation, job security and the ability to receive a raise all ranked much higher in importance than immigration policy and the potential of a wall being built on the U.S.-Mexico border.

This survey, The Latino Vote: Surprising Sentiments on Issues and Candidates, represents the kind of innovative, forward thinking for which Burson Latino stands. It was conducted in collaboration with Research Now, New American Dimensions and the Center for Multicultural Science.

The Latino Vote: Surprising Sentiments on Candidates and Issues a Burson Latino Survey.

I invite you to take a look at the hispanic survey results here, and look forward to sharing more on our Burson Latino efforts as Latinos continue to shape and influence the fabric of the United States.

Un abrazo,


Posted by Jorge Ortega

Burson-Marsteller Miami Welcomes 2016

Dear Burson-Marsteller Miami Friends and Colleagues,

Happy New Year! As we enter 2016, I am excited for what the year ahead will bring, and Burson-Marsteller Miami has big plans to continue offering best-in-class communications services to our clients and partners.

In an end-of-the-year message to global staff, our Worldwide Chair and CEO Don Baer said, “There are so many achievements from 2015, all of which show we are meeting the demands – and taking hold of new opportunities – that big changes in our industry present.”

Don referenced an article last month in The New York Observer that said this about our firm: “Burson just won’t act its age. The big old legacy agency’s behaving more like a startup…” To keep succeeding, we will keep bringing that kind of energy and excitement to everything we do. These qualities are at the heart of the spirit our great founder Harold Burson brought to the public relations world when he started and built our firm. That is the spirit we try to demonstrate every day when we do our best work. And it is the spirit that will keep making us even stronger in the year ahead.

I am proud to be part of such a dynamic, innovative firm as Burson-Marsteller, and wanted to share with you all a recap of last year’s achievements.

Latin America: For the second time in three years, The Holmes Report named Burson-Marsteller Latin American Agency of the Year. Additionally, our Miami team was honored to win a Gold SABRE award for our work on the Honduras country brand competition. We are currently supporting large clients in a variety of ways from down south across the region and here up north in the United States. At this very moment, our team is with Sony Latin America at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Florida: We took great steps to increase our offering to clients right here in our home state, beginning with hiring Karen Guggenheim as a Director. Karen has already made an impact on serving our Florida clients and has been a reliable, steady communications adviser on crisis and issues management engagements.

StudioB: This new offering has been our way to tap the extraordinary potential of integrated communications, and have been using this process to advise on and execute strategic campaigns that make great use of digital and social media for a range of clients. Many of you attended our StudioB launch event in August, and since then we have made great use of StudioB Live, our brand-new, in-house television studio for everything from media trainings to live streamings to corporate video productions.

Burson Latino: Our Burson Latino offering continues to grow as we serve clients appealing to the Hispanic market. One new client that we were proud to support is the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI). We recently assisted SLEI with the introduction of its groundbreaking report on the state of Latino entrepreneurship in the U.S. Through our communications efforts, SLEI and its report were featured prominently in major U.S. news media, shedding light on the overwhelming impact that Latino businesses have on the U.S. economy.

Cuba: This year, we became the first major communications firm to launch a Cuba offering to provide clients with strategic counsel on the political and economic environments arising from the U.S. government’s historic decision to renew diplomatic relations between those two countries. We have already begun advising select, trailblazing clients from a variety of industries.

We have an incredible team of professionals in Miami, and whether you are looking for strategic communications support in Latin America, need issues or crisis management counsel in Florida, want to build your brand and grow your business in the U.S. Hispanic market, or want to tap Burson-Marsteller’s vast resources across the U.S. or around the world, please feel free to connect with us.

I look forward to sharing more about our big plans for 2016 in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continued support, and let’s get this year started!

Happy New Year to all,


Posted by Jorge Ortega

Happy Holidays from Burson-Marsteller Miami

May the joy of the holiday season fill your homes and places of work. We would like to thank our clients, partners and Burson-Marsteller Miami community for their support throughout 2015. Please click here for a special message from Burson-Marsteller.

We look forward to Being More for our clients in 2016, and wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year!



Burson-Marsteller Miami wishes you Happy Holidays


Burson-Marsteller Named Latin American Agency of the Year 2015 At SABRE Awards

Burson-Marsteller, a leading global strategic communications and public relations firm, today announced it was named Latin American Agency of the Year at the 2015 Latin America SABRE Awards and also won seven gold SABRE Awards. Presented by leading industry publication The Holmes Report, the awards provide the premier showcase for the best public relations campaigns across the Latin American region. The Latin America SABRE Awards were presented at a ceremony in Sao Paulo on December 2, 2015.

Burson-Marsteller Miami also won Seven Gold SABRE Awards for Campaign Work

In addition to being named Agency of the Year, Burson-Marsteller also won

  • Gold SABRE Award in the Mexico Category – “360° Storytelling” — Ford Mexico with Burson-Marsteller Mexico
  • Gold SABRE Award in the Caribbean & Central America Category – Honduras’ Country Brand Contest—The Government of Honduras with Burson-Marsteller Miami
  • Gold SABRE Award in the South America Category: The Technology for Peace-Building—Microsoft with Burson-Marsteller Colombia
  • Gold SABRE Award in the Public Affairs Category – Yacimientos No Convencionales—Asociación Colombiana del Petróleo with Burson-Marsteller Colombia
  • Gold SABRE Award in the Food & Beverage Category – Sagres-Amstel Launch: Giving the Consumer Freedom of Choice—Heineken with Burson-Marsteller Brazil
  • Gold SABRE Award in the Healthcare Category – Diabetes Urbana—Novo Nordisk with Burson-Marsteller Colombia
  • Gold SABRE Award in the Not for Profit Category – Gen Cero— Fundación Éxito with Burson-Marsteller Colombia

“We are thrilled once again to be named Latin American Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report,” said Don Baer, Worldwide Chair and CEO, Burson-Marsteller. “Burson-Marsteller has been committed to this crucial global region for nearly four decades and our thriving team remains dedicated to excellence on behalf of our clients. This honor and the seven Gold SABRE awards we won tonight showcase the demonstrable impact we make for our clients across industry sectors through our commitment to ideas-driven, evidence-based, results-oriented communications.”

Added Ramiro Prudencio, CEO, Burson-Marsteller Latin America, “We are extremely grateful to again be named Latin American Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report and for the continued trust our clients place in us to help them build their businesses in the region. This honor and the campaign awards underscore the incredible work being done every day throughout our network of 13 wholly owned and three affiliate offices. In 2016 we will celebrate 40 years in this region whose critical importance to the global economy increases every day. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the region for many years to come.”


Burson-Marsteller at the The Economist’s Digital Transformation Summit

Burson-Marsteller Miami was proud to be The Economist’s communication partner during The Economist’s Digital Transformation Summit, held November 11 and 12 at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami. Burson’s own, Karen Guggenheim, Director in Corporate and Financial Communications, thanked The Economist for their partnership,  expressed our support for the event and welcomed the speakers, participants and the media.

Burson-Marsteller at the The Economist's Digital Transformation SummitThe engaging summit, chaired by The Economist International Editor, Helen Joyce, and Sao Paolo Bureau Chief, Jan Piotrowski, brought together thought leaders from diverse industries to discuss the future of technology and business in the Americas. Panelists included Di-Ann Eisnor, Head of Growth at Waze; Dirk Ahlborn, Chief Executive at Hyperloop; Hernan Rincon, President, Microsoft Latin America; and Andrew Macdonald, Regional General Manager, Central US, Canada and Latin America at Uber.

Burson-Marsteller was able to attract journalists from some of South Florida’s leading media outlets including, CNN en Español, Diario las Americas, AmericaEconomia and Radio Caracol.

Jorge Ortega joins 2016 Hispanicize Advisory Board

Jorge Ortega, Executive Vice President and Burson Latino lead at Burson-Marsteller Miami, has joined the Hispanicize 2016 national advisory board. Ortega joins a prestigious group of professionals, including senior executives and influencers from the nation’s leading U.S. Hispanic brands, marketing agencies, digital content creators, journalism, Latin music and film industries.

“It is an honor to work with Hispanicize CEO Manny Ruiz and together with my peers advise on such an important event for the Hispanic marketing industry,” said Ortega. “I look forward to this event every year, and as I lead Burson Latino, I am thrilled to take on a larger role for 2016.”

Hispanicize is now in its seventh year, and is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship. Hispanicize 2016 is expected to gather more than 3,000 of the nation’s most influential Latino professionals from the industries of digital content creation, journalism, music, marketing, film and business over five days in April.

Based in Miami and lead by Ortega, Burson Latino is activated nationwide through Burson-Marsteller’s expansive network of offices to help companies connect with the US Hispanic market through culturally competent communications. The practice is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who understand the intricacies and diversity of the Hispanic market in order to better serve Burson-Marsteller’s clients.

For more information about Burson Latino, please contact Jorge Ortega at

Hispanic Market Perspectives from Burson-Marsteller

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations are winding down, but there is no slowing the influence of a population that is reshaping today’s America. Is your brand resonating with Hispanic Market consumers?

Fifty-four million strong, Hispanics make up 17 percent of the U.S. population and represent $1.4 trillion in spending power. Fifty-thousand Hispanics turn 18 and become eligible to vote each month, and two Hispanic candidates are vying for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. There is no denying the impact Hispanics have on the U.S. economy and society.

Hispanic Market is no longer a niche

A comparison was drawn during a recent interview* about the economic force of Hispanics in the U.S., relating the rise in Hispanic purchasing power to the fundamental demographic change that began in the late 1970s when marketers realized women were making 70 percent of all purchase decisions in homes. With the growth in Hispanic spending, marketing to this population is no longer a niche and marketers are once again redefining a new mainstream.

Companies that are successfully engaging with Hispanic consumers leverage evidence-based research to understand the market and cultural trends of this diverse population:

  • Hispanics are the most tech savvy and socially connected group in America
  • English-as-first-language Hispanic Millennials embody more of what marketers describe as “Millennial” behavior – digital, liberal, political, worldly and curious
  • English and Spanish are spoken in 35 percent of Hispanic homes; 22 percent of Hispanics speak only one language
  • By 2030, the Hispanic electorate will grow 40 percent
  • Large populations of different nationalities reside in specific U.S. markets; e.g., 78 percent of Hispanics in Los Angeles are Mexican, more than half of Hispanics in Miami are Cuban

Understanding the Value of Marketing to Hispanics

To learn more about Hispanic market trends, culture and how best to engage with Hispanic consumers, contact Jorge Ortega, Burson Latino Leader.

 * Sol Trujillo, WPP Board Member interview with Burson Latino on Oct. 6, 2015

StudioB & Festival of Media LATAM

We were proud to help our client, the Festival of Media, with their LATAM-focused conference in Miami last week. While there, our StudioB Miami team had the opportunity to speak with three industry leaders from Instagram, L’Oreal and LinkedIn on their insights into the future for their respective brands. Take a look below!