StudioB, More Than Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when StudioB isn’t creating inspiring storytelling? Well, you probably already know that we are constantly striving for the wow factor, but where exactly does it come from?

It stems not only from the creative minds of the team, but also from our ability to delve deep into the fascinating world of analytics.

The true impact social media in Latin America

No, we are not finance, but we work with numbers: data (structured and unstructured), to be more specific. The Analytics Team within StudioB has been intensively working with one of our clients for the past week in understanding the true impact social media has in our economies and lives in Latin America. (i.e. What exactly is the reason why one social media platform is preferred over others? Which platform has the most potential to grow and why? What social media channels should be activated in mass media campaigns related to public health concerns in Latin American countries?)

More than storytelling

Do you have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Do you use LinkedIn or Snapchat? Maybe Instagram? You probably have answered yes to at least two of these questions. The popularity of social networking is beyond phenomenal.

Did you know? (We know you do but for the purpose of the post, let’s pretend you don’t).

Latin America has more than 327 million connected users, making it the world’s fastest-growing region for Internet penetration. Latin Americans like to watch videos, buy online and share in social media the most.

While these numbers are impressive, it is necessary to rethink not only how and who can best spread ideas, and inspire actions, but also which platform is the best to do so. Companies are learning how to observe social media conversations (big data, interest clusters) and how to validate social media metrics in the hopes of creating value for the business.

In Latin America, nine out of 10 social network users have a Facebook account. The overall amount of users in Latin America is 179 million users, 21 million more than in the U.S. But, what exactly are companies doing with these numbers? Some of them have created engaging profiles from which to generally create brand lift. However, few are truly grasping these numbers to generate experiences from which to humanize brands, inspire communities and delve into conversations that incite actions and strengthen relationships with consumers.

That is why data can help us understand how to better be ourselves on social and engage organically through relevant and compelling stories.

Do you know which social media platform has your highest growth potential? Where you should focus your future initiatives?

Ask StudioB.



Burson-Marsteller at the The Economist’s Digital Transformation Summit

Burson-Marsteller Miami was proud to be The Economist’s communication partner during The Economist’s Digital Transformation Summit, held November 11 and 12 at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami. Burson’s own, Karen Guggenheim, Director in Corporate and Financial Communications, thanked The Economist for their partnership,  expressed our support for the event and welcomed the speakers, participants and the media.

Burson-Marsteller at the The Economist's Digital Transformation SummitThe engaging summit, chaired by The Economist International Editor, Helen Joyce, and Sao Paolo Bureau Chief, Jan Piotrowski, brought together thought leaders from diverse industries to discuss the future of technology and business in the Americas. Panelists included Di-Ann Eisnor, Head of Growth at Waze; Dirk Ahlborn, Chief Executive at Hyperloop; Hernan Rincon, President, Microsoft Latin America; and Andrew Macdonald, Regional General Manager, Central US, Canada and Latin America at Uber.

Burson-Marsteller was able to attract journalists from some of South Florida’s leading media outlets including, CNN en Español, Diario las Americas, AmericaEconomia and Radio Caracol.

Inside Burson-Marsteller: Get to Know Us – Rodrigo Castro

Meet Rodrigo Castro, our Technology & Innovation Practice Manager: A passionate individual whose love for technology and dedication to bringing our clients the best in communications services is the only thing bigger than his beard.

Rodrigo Castro, Tech & Innovation Manager

Rodrigo always seems to ask for more on his plate, although it could be because of his unbridled enthusiasm for juice cleanses. Although more tech inclined, Rodrigo is Burson-Marsteller’s jack-of-all-trades. As a manager, he supervises LATAM regional accounts, overseeing operations for Burson-Marsteller network offices in Latin America, as well as the US.

Born in Mexico City, Rodrigo is the oldest of two siblings. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications at Tecnológico de Monterrey. During his time there, he ventured into exchange programs  at the University of North Carolina and MGIMO University in Moscow, Russia… where we can only assume his penchant for lumberjack beards began. His love for his home culture drew him back to Mexico, where he began working at Burson-Marsteller. He became a manager, overseeing accounts including Sony Electronics, Intel, SAP and Motorola.

In 2012, Rodrigo decided to test new waters and make a move to Burson Miami.  His professional attitude, willingness to work with many, varied projects at once and natural leadership capacity is shown through his impeccable work with clients such as Intel, VISA, SONY, Sony Latin America, Alcatel Onetouch, Zebra Technologies and Electrolux.

Throughout his career, Rodrigo has lead client projects from communication strategies for product launches, editorial development, crisis programs and more- all with an emphasis on brand and consumer technology communication.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rodrigo consistently takes his passion for tech to the next level; so much so that he has relayed this expertise into an uncanny ability to lose cellphones.

Rodrigo’s fast-paced work life has carried over into his free time- although we’re still amazed how he manages to fit it all in! When he’s not working with his tech geek-squad at Burson Miami, mastering the art of time-sheets, or holding the record for most cellphones lost in a period of six months, he spends his time traveling, leading the EXATEC alumni association as President and training for triathlons. His hardworking and competitive nature can be seen both in his work and on the dance floor- what more could we expect from a Freddy Mercury fan?

Rodrigo and his wide range of interests and talents exemplify how we strive to “Be More” at Burson-Marsteller. We’re lucky to have him, and encourage anyone to reach out to him to tap into his years of technology communications expertise.

Burson Miami: We are local, we are global

Burson-Marsteller Miami has been part of the South Florida community for more than 25 years. And while Burson-Marsteller is renowned for its global network  of 73 offices and 84 affiliate offices, together operating in 110 countries across six continents, we are proud to offer our world-class communications capabilities to clients right here in Florida and the Southeast U.S.

For this reason, we are thrilled to now have Karen Guggenheim on board. Karen exemplifies our balance between being local and being global. Born in Nicaragua, Karen grew up in Miami. She has served as Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Colson Hicks Edison P.A., a top national litigation firm based right here in Miami, managing all communications across the Americas. Karen also was a reporter at the Miami Herald. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Miami, and recently completed an MBA at Georgetown University. Here at Burson Miami, she is leading client partners based in Florida and the Southeast U.S. She also spearheads engagements with global organizations coming to market in the U.S. and North American companies expanding internationally. We count ourselves lucky to have Karen leading our team of diverse professionals in Miami.

Burson-Marsteller Miami is here to serve our local community.

At Burson-Marsteller Miami, we are deeply engrained in the local community that we serve. I am a Miami native myself, and am involved in organizations such as Camillus House, which provides humanitarian services to Miami-Dade’s homeless population. Public relations is a demanding field, yet my Burson Miami team still finds time to volunteer with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Feed My Sheep, the Miami Circle and La Ventana De Los Cielos. We’re also privileged to partner with local institutions such as Miami Dade College and Florida International University, and support philanthropic organizations TECHO and Americans for Immigrant Justice through our pro bono work.

Burson-Marsteller Miami is here to serve our local community. We’re already working with great companies just up the road in Fort Lauderdale, elsewhere in Florida and the Southeast U.S., and others headquartered around the globe. No matter their home base, we have the capabilities and expertise to help them connect with our local market or on a global scale.

I look forward to sharing more about how our team in Miami is truly living our commitment to Burson-Marsteller, Being More through being local and global, from our Miami roots to our worldwide presence.

By Jorge Ortega

Being Back and Being More

Jorge Ortega Burson
Jorge Ortega
Market Leader Burson Miami

Wow. It feels right to be back at Burson-Marsteller, where I began and built much of my career.

I am surrounded by best in class talent and a plethora of global resources that can help our clients achieve more.

From the most experienced crisis management experts to strategic communications professionals applying data-driven creative, Burson-Marsteller has a lot to offer our clients, around the corner, or around the world.

My new boss, Ramiro Prudencio, President and CEO of the Latin American region, and I have known each other for more than two decades. Together we will help our clients, locally, regionally or globally tap the best people and relevant capabilities.

I’m excited about the roster of client partners we serve out of this office, as well as the incredible team of Burson professionals on my side now to counsel clients and offer them the most innovative thinking and creative resources available in our industry today.

My view is that from this position, my team and I can help clients in South Florida / SE USA that need the world-class services of Burson-Marsteller; multinational companies operating in Latin America that value regional strategies or effective coordination; Latin America based companies, organizations or governments that can benefit from our capabilities and network; or any brand or company wanting to tap the dynamic and fast growing U.S. Latino market.  What a unique opportunity. We can be this and more for clients that want what Burson-Marsteller has always stood for anywhere in the world.

As a leading global public relations and communications firm with a strong Miami office, we are committed to offering our clients  strategic insights and innovative programming that help build and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations.  And I will dare say that we are possibly the only firm in Miami and the region with the depth and breadth of talent to provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, public affairs, reputation and crisis management, digital strategy, advertising and other communications services.  This office already serves global companies, industry associations, professional services firms, governments and other large organizations and brands.

It’s an exciting time for Burson-Marsteller Miami, and for our firm worldwide.  The company that Harold Burson and Bill Marsteller started more than 60 years ago is still highly respected by clients across industries and across the globe.  That is why clients often engage us when the stakes are high: during a crisis, a brand launch or any period of fundamental change or transition. They come to us needing sophisticated communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights.

Throughout my career, and now as I begin my 20th year of service with Burson-Marsteller, I have had the distinct privilege of working with some of the industry’s most sought-after communications advisors. I am proud to be back. Burson-Marsteller and Miami, two places I call home.

About Burson-Marsteller Miami

Burson-Marsteller Miami is one of Florida’s largest public relations and communications firms. We have 25 years of experience in South Florida and 60 years in the United States. Our strategic insights and innovative programs build and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations.

We provide our clients with counsel and program development in public relations, public affairs, social media, marketing and other communications services.

Our clients are global, regional and local companies, industry associations, professional services firms, governments, and other large organizations with the need to communicate with campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Most of all, clients come to us for our proven ability to communicate effectively with their most critical audiences and stakeholders.