Burson Dome: A New Way of Listening

Burson-Marsteller’s StudioB presents its newest contribution to digital storytelling: Burson Dome. This new service allows organizations to listen in on social conversations “fenced” to a specific geographic location, space or venue. It enables brands to interact instantly with their online audience in real-time and identify the accounts that are the most engaged at one place. Through the analysis of these interactions, Burson Dome helps organizations identify conversation drivers that will increase the effectiveness of their social media management far beyond an event itself.

Now, what exactly can Burson Dome do?

Burson Dome covers the area where an event, for example, is taking place, ranging from as small as two blocks and as wide as five miles. It is able to sort through photos, videos and reviews in that specific location. Additionally, it identifies the most-engaged influencers and conversation triggers. Burson Dome is perfect for events as a real-time engagement stream and monitors keywords, likes, follows and comments directly from the platform.  Burson Dome can display social conversations on a TV screen or monitor, allowing individuals to view the engagement and foster community empowerment. The display screen can be customized with different backgrounds that change within the established time, including a call-to-action for viewers.

Recently, Burson Dome managed Ford Puerto Rico’s social media engagement at BloggerCon 2015. Throughout the entire event and awards show, Burson-Marsteller monitored the conversation and engaged with users via Ford’s social media handles.  Burson-Marsteller filtered relevant social media mentions to display on a TV screen during the event and interacted on social media with the most relevant influencers. During BloggerCon, Ford received over 3,000 mentions throughout social media, and an estimated reach of 191,000.

What we have done for Ford is easily adaptable to benefit your organization’s needs. If you are looking for a unique route to increase community engagement, Burson Dome is the solution. With its innovative features and experienced digital team at the helm, Burson Dome is a groundbreaking way to boost your organization’s social media presence and influencer engagement.

To find out how your organization may benefit from Burson Dome, please contact StudioB Lead Gabriel Andriollo.

StudioB presents Burson Dome- Burson-Marsteller

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A Crises Perfect Storm: Millennials, Social Media & Technology

While organizations are not always able to avoid crises, preparation is imperative.  Companies have issues from time to time. Whether situations are caused by food contamination, disease, human error or natural disasters, crises are unavoidable in most businesses.  What’s important is to be able to differentiate an issue from a crisis- not always easy when Millennials are involved.

Highly coveted by marketers, Millennials not only have significant spending power—over $200 billion expected each year—but are also technologically savvy and continuously connected through social media. More than 75 percent have profiles and more than 85 percent own mobile devices. They expect to get the information they need quickly and can have it at the click of a button. They are the most connected generation, yet they are very difficult to connect with.

Having said that, Millennials are a “cause driven” generation and connect to businesses and organizations through social responsibility initiatives. They identify with brands that care, meaning that a company’s values and mission is a key driver of not only their purchase decisions, but also their advocacy. They appreciate a company’s transparency, but demand social responsibility; so when there is a controversial issue, they are likely to be vocal critics engaging their social communities to express their opinion, analysis or outrage.

The biggest nightmare is the distribution of videos and photographs; these can quickly magnify any situation, transcending languages and cultures on social media. Good visuals and a strong issue will go viral, especially within a company’s communications vacuum, leading us back to preparation. Sprinkle a controversial photo or incendiary video and the crisis blooms.

Millennials & Social Media

Millenials and Social Media

The lines separating digital, mobile and the real world have blurred.  Considering that crises develop quickly– fueled by technology, social media and the nature of Millennials– an understanding and appreciation for this complicated group, plus having a comprehensive and CURRENT crisis plan can do wonders for mitigating or managing a crisis.

A key element to crisis management is having a team with a designated spokesperson, who is trained to explain the situation and the company’s position in order to respond appropriately with similar tone and channel, is indispensable to any organization.

For example, given today’s heightened interest in the responsible sourcing of supply chains issues involving possible poor labor conditions have the potential to generate strong emotional reaction from Millennials. Such reaction is easily shared through social media, which has a significant impact during a crisis due to the increased immediacy, inaccuracy, reach, repetition, disclosure and permanence—digital information lives forever.

Furthermore, companies should respond in the channel where the problem began and should use the same tone, meaning that emotional outrage should be countered with “passion points”. In addition to recognizing where the crisis is playing out, who the key stakeholders and audiences are, successful crisis management rests on communication that is strategic, clear and integrated.

Combining a comprehensive crisis contingency plan with a strategic communications program and transparent corporate responsibility campaign can create a platform where companies can positively engage with Millennials. Here, social media and technology become allies in supporting the company’s values and mission, while at the same time providing a vehicle to spark Millennials consumer spending.

Posted by Karen Guggenheim

Karen Guggenheim is a Director in our Miami office. She is also a member of Burson-Marsteller’s Senior Crisis Management Team.

StudioB, More Than Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when StudioB isn’t creating inspiring storytelling? Well, you probably already know that we are constantly striving for the wow factor, but where exactly does it come from?

It stems not only from the creative minds of the team, but also from our ability to delve deep into the fascinating world of analytics.

The true impact social media in Latin America

No, we are not finance, but we work with numbers: data (structured and unstructured), to be more specific. The Analytics Team within StudioB has been intensively working with one of our clients for the past week in understanding the true impact social media has in our economies and lives in Latin America. (i.e. What exactly is the reason why one social media platform is preferred over others? Which platform has the most potential to grow and why? What social media channels should be activated in mass media campaigns related to public health concerns in Latin American countries?)

More than storytelling

Do you have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Do you use LinkedIn or Snapchat? Maybe Instagram? You probably have answered yes to at least two of these questions. The popularity of social networking is beyond phenomenal.

Did you know? (We know you do but for the purpose of the post, let’s pretend you don’t).

Latin America has more than 327 million connected users, making it the world’s fastest-growing region for Internet penetration. Latin Americans like to watch videos, buy online and share in social media the most.

While these numbers are impressive, it is necessary to rethink not only how and who can best spread ideas, and inspire actions, but also which platform is the best to do so. Companies are learning how to observe social media conversations (big data, interest clusters) and how to validate social media metrics in the hopes of creating value for the business.

In Latin America, nine out of 10 social network users have a Facebook account. The overall amount of users in Latin America is 179 million users, 21 million more than in the U.S. But, what exactly are companies doing with these numbers? Some of them have created engaging profiles from which to generally create brand lift. However, few are truly grasping these numbers to generate experiences from which to humanize brands, inspire communities and delve into conversations that incite actions and strengthen relationships with consumers.

That is why data can help us understand how to better be ourselves on social and engage organically through relevant and compelling stories.

Do you know which social media platform has your highest growth potential? Where you should focus your future initiatives?

Ask StudioB.